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Staff Training Modules

Minimum course requirements for promotions
FEA Workshops Facilitator to Deputy Branch Manager (DBM) DBM to Branch Manager (BM) BM to Assoc. Territory Manager (ATM) ATM to Territory Manager (TM)
STM 17 - Advanced Facilitation Skills v3.5.19 Master of Facilitation Mindset STM 32 - Coaching and Feedback
STM 16 - Building Communication v2.5.19 STM 20 - Building Rapport v2.5.19 Celebrating Diversity STM 33 - Talent Management
Advance RWK Integrity at Work STM 30, Time and Stress Management STM 34 - Empathy
STM 14, Active Listening v2.5.19 Igniting Creativity   STM 35 - Critical Thinking
Online Courses for self-study STM 15 - Communication Skills for Bridging Divides STM 19 - Leading With Effective Communication STM 27 - Becoming a Successful Leader STM 31 - Teamwork & Collaboration